Truck driving Jobs with training

Truck driving Jobs with training

It is more than obvious that many transportation companies across the United States need drivers. With all the seemingly endless driver shortage, there are many opportunities for every kind of driver, with different qualification skills.

one advantage of working in a trucking industry is that, most of the companies do offer training for their prospective drivers. This is beneficial to the prospective drivers because if they were to join CDL training, the cost would range between $3000- $7000. Keeping in mind that the cost may or may not include preparation for endorsements you may need in your desired job.

What is the catch

Most trucking companies will offer training to their prospective drivers, but they would definitely want something in return. In most cases, companies that offer training to drivers would want to ensure that they do so after the driver passes all the requirements of the position possible without a CDL. After training, the company would want the driver to work for the company for a given specific period of time- which is often 2 years in most cases.

The fact that this obligation kind of gives you a pause, it will be beneficial to you as it would enable you to gain experience in the industry as well as boost your confidence in the job as you start off in the trucking industry.

In addition, working in a trucking company that offers training is not an easy job. Therefore, in case you happen to find a chance of truck driving job with training, it is worth a look so that you can gauge whether the deal is suitable to you or not.

Here are some of the truck driving companies that have schools that train their drivers:

· Oil and gas drivers

· Fuel transportation

· Local and regional routes

· OTR companies

Team truck driving jobs

Team truck driving is basically when two truckers share driving time of a given truck. Some may prefer the idea but some may not. In most cases, one driver will be driving the truck while another driver will be sleeping. This is to reduce the amount of downtime by keeping the rig going.

the average pay-per-mile for team truck drivers is typically average. It varies between .32 per mile up to .50 per mile +.

Advantages of team trucking jobs

Higher pay and more available jobs

Team truck drivers have a consistent pay due to much availability of team driving jobs. Thus, the driver will be worried about getting enough work. besides. Most of the team truck driver do get almost similar amount of pay as a solo driver, and sometimes a bit more.

More trucking jobs

most companies prefer team truck drivers because they significantly reduce the downtime for their trucks. As such, this gives them much profit compared to solo drivers. Therefore, team truck drivers are more easily hired than solo drivers, especially if they are freshly licensed. Besides, customers are happier when their goods are delivered in a fast manner.

Husband and wife can be a team

The nature of jobs, especially in this era are so much engaging that you don’t get enough time to bond with your wife or husband. But with team truck driving job, it can be a great opportunity for a couple to work together while getting their work done. It’s both physically and emotionally advantageous.

As much as team truck driving job can be paying and convenient to work in, there are some of the drawbacks that are associated with the job. This include: poor quality of sleep due to noises that come from the co-diver, sharing control on when to drive, you might not like your co-driver, and finally you tend to have much time away from home.

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