How to be a Truck Driver in Virginia: What Education Do I Need?

For an individual to become a profession truck driver, they are required to pass the test that is offered and regulated by Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) exam. People who wish to possess truck driver license must pass commercial driver license test of class A.

Truck driver training involve a number of training programs which offer classroom studies as well as practical training. By doing so, the students are able to get technical and theoretical education regarding driving lessons.

Besides, some programs offered by the CDL helps the individuals to get endorsements in combination vehicles, tanker trailers, air brakes, hazardous materials, and triples. These elements help them to become good in specialized jobs. Some of the courses that are offered in commercial driving license training program include:

  • Safety and first aid
  • Materials and cargo
  • Trip preparation
  • Introduction to the trucking industry
  • Freeway/open road driving
  • Close quarters operation
  • Driver nutrition
  • State and deferral transportation laws

after training completion, students are expected to pass the CDL exam. Then they become legible to apply for entry-level truck positions either in national levels, regional level or local regions.

Just like any other career, truck drivers are expected to grow and become better. Therefore, newly hired truck drivers are expected to participate in workshop and seminars which are often sponsored by their employers.

These seminars and training workshops cover prerequisites such as safety measures, regulations, and federal truck rules. Besides, there are online workshops which are very important and helpful. These online workshops address financial, operational, and legal aspects of truck driving.

Flatbed trucking jobs

Most of the loads truckers haul are transported by truck trailers, but some goods cannot be transported by the traditional means. This is because they might be extra heavy or unsuitable in terms of their shape. As such, companies often opt to use flatbed truck drivers.

Flatbed trucking companies in Virginia often involve goods being tied down to the truck, hence making the transportation process swift and secure. Because of the sophistication of the flatbed services, the driver might be required to have a class A driver’s license to drive a flatbed truck in any state. Nonetheless, the driver might be required to get endorsements as required/depending on the employer organization. in this case. Most employers prefer employing drivers with higher experience.

In some cases, newly hired drivers might be eligible for flatbed truck jobs which might be suitable for them. Therefore, it always recommendable to check if the job might be good and right for you. Flatbed drivers are paid basing on their experience and the number of the loads the driver is responsible for.

The average salary of a flatbed truck driver is estimated to be $38,000 in the United States. This career involves heavier and larger loads, hence making it extra ordinary. If a driver chooses to specialize in flatbed truck driving, they might be able to get higher salaries than other truck drivers. Therefore, if you look forward to becoming a flatbed driver then you might be lucky as this is the next big thing in the logistics industry as supply chain is concerned.

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