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Explore Owner Operator opportunities at RCS Trucking & Freight:Our Owner Operators enjoy a compensation package that includes a percentage of the line haul revenue and a full 100% of the fuel surcharge. Notably, the majority of our flatbed freight consists of customer cargo, comprising approximately 80% of our shipments, with the remaining 20% being spot freight.

This allows our Owner Operators to have greater stability and consistency in their workload.One of the unique benefits of being an Owner Operator with us is the control over your own schedule. We abide by the law, which means we cannot compel you to take dispatches, ensuring you have the autonomy to manage your home time as you see fit.

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Power Only: 72% of Invoiced Line Haul Revenue

Detention: 72% of Invoiced Detention Revenue


Fuel Card IFTA Taxes

Company issued fuel card that will entitle the Contractor to same benefits and savings provided to carrier.

Outstanding charges on the fuel card will be deducted from each periodic settlement payment.

In 2023 our O/O got an average savings of 0.76 CPG

Owner Operator Contractor Maintenance Account (optional)

Payroll deducted.

Non-interest-bearing maintenance account

Satellite Communication System Installation

Contractor will pay Carrier $79.00 per month, commencing with the date the equipment is installed.

Trailer Rental

Rent a trailer to contractor at a rate of $ 235.00 per weekly settlement payment (rate is subject to change)

Contractor shall maintain, the following minimum insurance coverages.

Occupational Accident (available, please see attached)

Non-Trucking Liability (Bobtail) (available, please see attached)

Physical Damage (available, please see attached)

Equipment qualifications:

Equipment must be ready to operate and fully roadworthy, including the necessary licenses, permits, cab cards, state base plates.

Why Join As An Owner Operator At RCS?

  • Discover Owner Operator positions at RCS Trucking & Freight with these key points:

    - Competitive Compensation: Earn a percentage of the line haul and a full 100% of the fuel surcharge.

    - Customer-Centric Freight: Enjoy the stability of hauling customer freight, which accounts for approximately 80% of our loads.

    - Flexibility in Workload: Benefit from a mix of 20% spot freight to diversify your opportunities.

    - Personalized Schedule: As an Owner Operator, you have control over your home time, as we cannot legally force dispatches.

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