Employment Climate - Driving In Virginia

Virginia is approximated to have over 35,000 trucking companies. These companies have different capacities in rendering their service, hence, the customers need to be specific and detailed regarding what they specifically need from the trucking company in Virginia. Some of the considerations that you may need to emphasize before selecting a trucking company I Virginia include:

  • The percentage level of the car crashes during that year or the previous year
  • Size of the fleet
  • Annual mileage
  • And finally number of the drivers in the company.

Some of the trucking companies that have the highest scores on the above criteria include:

  • RCS Trucking & Freight, Inc
  • Fleetmaster Express Inc.
  • Lawrence Transportation system Inc.
  • Owen & Minor
  • Abilene Motor Express Inc.
  • Beam Bros Trucking Inc.
  • Wilson Trucking Corporation
  • Performance Food Group
  • Estes company
  • UPS Freight company

These are among the best trucking companies in Virginia that have the best trucking system such as quick delivery services, huge size of fleet, storage facilities, and safe handling.

Trucking jobs in Virginia

Trucking services are heavily involved in the entire economy of the United States. Most of the goods (manufactured items, food, natural materials, chemicals etc.) are transported by truck. This is the reason why trucking jobs in Virginia are among the jobs where an individual can arguably build a very stable career.

Trucking companies in Virginia employ approximately 38,000 drivers. However, this number is expected to rise by 9% by 2022. This implies that 1000 trucking jobs will be offered every year. Some of the elements that determine the salary of a truck driver include the type of license the driver has, the possible miles the driver can cover, and experience of the driver. The average salary of a truck driver in Virginia is roughly estimated to be $37,600 annually.

Before beginning any trucking job in Virginia, individuals are advised to make sure that they meet all the requirements set by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Drivers who drive huge truck are required by the federal to have driver’s license. Individuals can choose to have driver license basing on classes- class A, B, or C depending on the type of truck an individual would want to drive in his/her career.

The State of Virginia has very strict regulations that govern the trucking industry. This stretches from licensing of drivers, inspection and compliance measures, and testing of the driving skills. This is the reason why, as a truck driver, one should stay updated on the changes in the industry. Virginia Trucking association promotes its members by offering legislative support and ensuring that they comply to the new laws and changes.

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