State of Freight: Trucking Companies on the East Coast

Virginia has one of the best trucking companies in the country. It is the 35th largest state and is in the middle of New York and Florida. Virginia has the third-largest highway system in the US running approximately 70,000 miles. It is an important hub connecting the north-south and east-west traffic of the country.

The state is also served by interstate 95 for this purpose. Almost every other freight transport in the south-eastern part of the country passes through Virginia. With so much to work for, it is of no surprise that the Trucking Companies in Virginia are best in the country. The RCS Trucking and Freight Inc. has been serving Virginia for nearly two decades.

Officially, the state of Virginia has more than 35,000 truck companies enlisted with itself. Since Virginia is also a port state, it also handles a heavy amount of freight and truck traffic. Due to this reason, trucks with twin trailers or triple saddle mounts, trucks transporting automobiles or watercraft have to use STAA - a specialized highway system also known as the Surface Transportation Assistance ACT highway system.

The main industries of Virginia include IT products, tobacco, and coal. Virginia is also the house of the US Department of Defense and several other government offices. This ensures that approximately 12% of all federal expenditure is done through Virginia which requires medium to heavy haul trucking. We at RCS Trucking and Freight and Co. specialize in all kinds of trucking.

The trucking rules and regulations mandate the truckers to use the designated trucking routes. This is done to accommodate large-sized loads while taking care of road traffic and on route fixtures like tunnels and bridges. Truck companies are mandated to follow the Surface Transport Assistance Act towards the safety of commercial vehicles.

The truckers in Virginia are affiliated to the Virginia Trucking Association – which provides full-time service and representation for the trucking industry. The VTA is a non-profit alliance of private fleet operators, trucking companies, industry suppliers and other individuals and firms interested in the well-being of motor transportation at the local, state and national levels.

We at RCS Trucking and Freight Inc. are committed to providing you the best retail and commercial transport in the state. Contact us anytime for your free quote here.

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