Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking

In the United States, heavy haul truck is a super loaded tractor with an attached trailer that has an overweight or over dimensional object which exceed an ordinary permit limits. This is one of the transportation methods that pose a challenge to any shipping company that is involved in such king of shipment. As such, it requires a special routine to travel on the highways that allow vehicle weight that can accommodate them.

I most cases, Heavy haul trucking require special trucks as well as trailers. In addition, you may be required to purchase special permit which is issues by the government agencies, municipalities, or states through which your cargo will travel.

Equipment required for heavy haul trucking:

· Double drops

· Extended trailers

· Removable Goosenecks (RGN)

· Stretch trailers

Legal requirements for overweight, oversize, and superloads:

Knowledge on how to deal with legal aspects, permits, and technical challenges is very crucial in pulling and transporting heavy objects.

States require that particular oversize loads should have certified pilot/escort vehicles operators (P/EVO) to protect the motoring public and the oversize load. The main purpose of escort vehicle operators is to escort the superload to its destinations without causing damage to motorists, highway, loads, signs, properties, and overhanging objects.

Below is a list of common heavy haul examples:

· Air Exchangers

· All Yellow Iron

· Boats

· Boilers

· Bridge Beams

· Compressors

· Concrete Pre-Casts

· Condensers

· Construction Tractor

· Control Buildings

· Cooling Towers

· Cranes: truck, crawler lift, pedestal, tower or ring horse

· Dehydration Equipment

· Domes

· Excavators

· Generators

· Grinders

· Hydraulic Gantry

· Injection Mold Machines

· Manufactured Home

· Mining Equipment

· Planes

· Piping

· Stamping Presses

· Steel Drums

· Terex, Manitowoc, Mt Clemens cranes

· Transformers

· Turbines

· Wind Energy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Hauling

Heavy hauling equipment are services that are offered by the crisis way operators. The equipment can be either from clubby companies or open couple departments. But regardless of where they are from, their work is to amend stuck or trapped truck loads. Hauling services cater with detach downs, collisions and accidents, parking violations, and further types of situations where the truck need to be hauled. In case the heavy truck is stuck on the highway, which is experienced in many cases, you are likely to receive hauling services.

types of vehicles to move small to medium containers, machinery and other equipment – like sea cans, forklifts, excavators. The process needs trained and certified on safety procedures to ensure that your equipment is handled properly during pickup, transport and delivery.

Below are some of the equipment that can be hauled:

· Aerial lifts

· Scissor lifts

· Boom lifts

· Skid-steers

· Forklifts

· Bobcats

· Garden tractor

· Heavy sheds

· All Lawn mowers

· Sea cans / C-Can (20ft)

· Excavators

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