Coronavirus and the Trucking Industry: Job Outlook

Trucking is a thriving business in Virginia. Virginia is at crossroads for north-south and east-west traffic and is also a port state opening up to the Atlantic Ocean – a major trading channel. The industrial production of Virginia includes IT products, tobacco, and coal.

The Pentagon, the National Science Foundation, the United States Geological Survey and The United States Patent & Trademark Office are located in Virginia. This assures that 12% of procurement money is spent by these offices creating several business opportunities and jobs in the state. With so much to offer, there are bound to be a lot of trucking jobs in Virginia. We at The RCS Trucking and Freight Inc. has been serving Virginia for nearly two decades.

Trucking is a great career option for people who love to drive and be at new places every time. You can ferry from coast to coast or go international to Canada and Mexico. You will require a Commercial Driving License (CDL) to be a part of the trucking industry.

Other requirements for trucking:

  • Age: You need to be over 18 years to appear for the Virginia Inter-State CDL or over 21 years to apply for a full CDL.
  • Medical standards: In general you need to have good physical and mental health and have a proper vision to drive a truck. In particular, you need to be on par with Federal and Virginia Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  • Residency and Identification: you need to be a resident of Virginia and need to provide proof of identification and residency during your CDL test.
  • Driver Education: you need to have undergone a truck driver education program from a recognized training provider.

Once you get your CDL, you can join any trucking company instantly. We at The RCS Trucking and Freight Inc. provide the best benefits in the industry.

A truck driver needs to be calm, patient, responsible, hardworking and ingenious at times. If you think you have these qualities in you, come and meet us to explore more into the trucking career. You can contact us for all your queries related to your trucking career.

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